Solving Issues with a Push-Button Four-Wheel-Drive System


Over the years, the four-wheel-drive system has evolved to make it as user friendly as possible, and many of the newest vehicle models have four-wheel-drive power at the push of a button. Even though this feature may be convenient, the push-button four-wheel-drive does not come without its flaws, and occasionally, you will come across some curious issues that may leave you scratching your head and calling on an auto repair shop for help. Here are a few of the most common issues that you may experience with your push-button four-wheel-drive system.

Problem: You have problems getting your vehicle out of four-wheel drive after it has been engaged.

Cause and Solution: The push-button four-wheel-drive system operates via a control modulator that sends electronic signals to a transfer case. If you cannot get your vehicle out of four-wheel drive once it has been engaged, there is a good chance that the modulator is not working properly and is not relaying a signal to the transfer case. You can have the modulator tested by a transmission mechanic to find out if it is not working properly. If it is not, the modulator will have to be replaced, which is usually a simple process.

Problem: The four-wheel drive will not engage and the button seems unresponsive.

Cause and Solution: In most cases, if you are not seeing a response when you push the button to activate your four-wheel drive, it means that you have a bad switch. If the switch is bad, no light will come on at all when you push the button. Before having the switch replaced, though, be sure that you check the fuses to the switch in your fuse panel, as this can also be the problem.

Problem: You see the button illuminate, but the four-wheel-drive system never engages.

Cause and Solution: When the button seems to be working fine, but your four-wheel-drive system will not engage, you are likely having issues with the transfer case control module. The transfer case control module is designed to engage the four-wheel-drive system by turning a cog on the transfer case near the transmission. In some cases, the transfer case will jam, preventing the cog from turning, but either way, you should have the entire system checked by a transmission technician for proper diagnosis.

Even though the push-button four-wheel-drive system can be incredibly convenient, it can have its quirks and issues. Talk to a transmission expert or mechanic, like one from Steven & Francine's Complete Automotive Repair Inc, if you are having issues that you are unable to diagnose on your own.


24 September 2015

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