3 Reasons To Use An Auto Inspection Service When Buying A Used Car


If you're going to be buying a used car, then it is a good idea to call an auto inspection service so that you can have someone look over the car before you purchase it. If you are thinking about taking a risk and skipping this step, you might want to reconsider. It's ideal to use one of these services before buying a used car for these three essential reasons.

22 May 2019

Maintaining An Old Car: Important Areas To Take Care Of


If you own an old car and you are the type of person who likes to keep vehicles for as long as possible, then it is important that you understand how to keep them in running condition. It is a terrible idea to neglect an old car and simply hope that it stays running. That is a recipe for a disaster, such as having it break down on the highway or stalling in the middle of the road.

25 April 2019

Simple Ways To Keep Your Transmission Going Strong


Your transmission is one of the more expensive parts of your vehicle to replace if it breaks down, which is why you should strive to take good care of it at all times. Taking care of this complex piece of your car is very simple. #1 Check Your Transmission Fluid Check your transmission fluid once a month. Find the transmission fluid cap, and check the levels inside of your transmission fluid.

16 March 2019

When You Don't Get An Oil Change, Your Fuel Efficiency Suffers


You might think that oil changes are an optional maintenance option. However, the truth could not be any further from this dangerous idea. Regular oil changes are essential for your engine's performance and protection, but this service can also have a significant effect on your car's fuel efficiency, which is also important. Oil Makeup When the oil in a car is replaced as part of an oil change, its makeup is rich.

10 February 2019

4 Ways To Protect Your Ride This Winter


The cold weather, rain, and snow can be tough on your vehicle. Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do to take good care of your vehicle and ensure that you are able to safely drive your vehicle #1 Check Your Tires During the winter, when it is often slippery and wet outside, it is important to have good tread on your tires. You can change out your current tires for winter tires, which have a special grip that is made to keep you stuck to the road no matter how treacherous the conditions become.

10 December 2018

Diesel Fuel And Gasoline Ignite In Different Ways


Diesel fuel is a petroleum product, just as is gasoline. Diesel fuel is separated off from the petroleum before gasoline does, making it a thicker and more viscous fuel than gasoline. One of the problems with diesel happens because of that. In cold weather, the viscosity of the diesel tends to increase, so it may need to be warmed up just so that it will star. Another issue with diesel is that it doesn't start in the same way that a gas fueled engine would.

7 November 2018

4 Tips For Doing Brake Maintenance And Preparing Your Car For Winter Driving Conditions


With the winter months coming, maintenance to your car is essential. While doing car maintenance for the winter months, you will want to consider improvements that need to be done to the brakes. The brake system of your car needs to be expected to ensure anti-lock brakes are working correctly and that you have enough brake pads left. Here are some tips for doing brake maintenance and preparing your car for the winter driving conditions to come.

11 September 2018

4 Signs It's Time To Visit Your Local Muffler Shop


The exhaust system of your vehicle helps to keep your vehicle quiet, but it is also essential for preventing emissions of harmful fumes from affecting the passenger cabin, engine, and the outside environment. A problem with the exhaust can cause your engine to work harder than necessary, reduce fuel usage and put you and the environment at risk of inhaling toxic fumes. Here are a few signs that it's time to visit a muffler shop.

17 August 2018

Becoming a Commercial Driver


If you are contemplating a new career, you may have been thinking about the commercial driving industry. If you decide to go into commercial driving for a living, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can go to trucking school and become a commercial semi-truck driver, you can become a professional delivery person, and you can even open your own delivery company if this is something you find appealing.

28 May 2018

Signs Of Torque Converter Problems


The torque converter is a part of the transmission system responsible for transferring engine power to the wheels of the car. As such, the torque converter is an important part of the transmission system, and your car will not run efficiently if the torque converter is malfunctioning. Here are some telltale signs of a malfunctioning torque converter: The Car Is Overheating As previously mentioned, the torque converter is responsible for transferring engine power to the load (wheel system).

3 April 2018