Porsche Issues Causing Headaches You Will Want to Avoid


Porsche, for the most part, is a reliable luxury sports car. However, since it is man-made, the Porsche models will occasionally have their problems. Before you decide to buy that cute little Porsche Boxster you have your eye on, you should read the following article.

The Two Most Troubling Porsche Models

At the top of the list of most problematic models from this manufacturer are the Boxster (gasp!) and the Cayenne. The 2000, 2001, and 2003 Boxsters have the most complaints filed against them and the most recalls for repairs and parts replacements. The 2011 Cayenne is not far behind—it is a very close second. If you are in the market for a brand-spanking-new model of either of these, you are in luck. So far no recalls or complaints have been filed for late models.

Problems Reported That Require Thousands of Dollars in Repairs

Of those cars seeing the most complaints and recalls, the biggest problems are IMS failures, engine failures, and intermediate shaft bearing failures. That does not mean your Porsche is in the same boat, but you should get your car checked out anyway. Preventing the problem or getting to it before your car dies in the middle of nowhere is preferable to the thousands of dollars it will cost to fix the problem when it suddenly emerges. If your vehicle is also part of a recall (which luxury car companies like Porsche would notify you) then the repairs and replacement parts are free.

Auto Service Shops for Porsches

Since Porsche is a German car manufacturer, you are not about to send your car back to Germany to be fixed. You can, however, find a Porsche-certified auto service shop which will examine and fix your vehicle. These service shops have been pre-approved for all Porsche repairs and replace the parts with genuine Porsche parts, ensuring that your vehicle is still all Porsche.

Locating the Nearest Porsche-Certified Repair Shop

If you cannot find a shop on your own, Porsche does list its American affiliates on their website. Your Porsche dealer may also put you in touch with a Porsche mechanic. You will have to verify that the mechanic is certified to work on your car and not just someone who knows German or foreign cars. If the mechanical problem is serious enough and you do not want to risk driving your car to the nearest Porsche-certified service shop (such as Autobahn Service Inc. - Porsche Specialist), you can have it towed and Porsche pays you back.


15 April 2015

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