How Window Tinting Can Save Gasoline


Many drivers are trying to find ways to make their car more fuel efficient, especially with the rising cost of gas prices in recent years. Thankfully, there are ways to save on gas that are a bit unconventional. Adding a window tint to all the windows in your car can actually contribute to fuel efficiency in a way you may not have thought of:

The Theory

One part of your car that uses fuel is the air conditioner. As it gets hot outside, the warm rays of the sun will cause your car to heat up. The heat cannot escape, and it makes your car feel like a sauna the moment you sit in it.

Your initial instinct is to crank up the air conditioning to cool your car down fast. Even after the car is cool, you need to keep the air conditioner running to counteract the heat from outside. Over time, the air conditioning uses more gasoline and decreases your fuel efficiency.

Staying in the shade is a great way to keep cool, which is why a window tint is so effective at keeping you and your car cool as well. With the sun being unable to get in as easily, you are less likely to need to crank the air conditioning up as soon as you get into your car. If you are comfortable, you do not need to put added stress on your car with the air conditioning, which gives you better gas mileage.

The Science

There is no doubt that air conditioning decreases fuel efficiency. A car's air conditioning is powered by the engine's drive belt, and when the AC is on, more resistance is added to the engine. So why not just drive with the windows down instead?

Tests have been done that show when driving at high speeds, the wind resistance created by driving with the windows down can actually cause your car to become less fuel-efficient. While there is a debate about if having the windows down or AC on is more fuel efficient, having the windows up and AC off will definitely yield the best fuel efficiency.

The easiest way you can make your car feel cooler without wasting energy is with a window tint. If you need help installing one, contact a professional in your area that specialized with window tints. They will be able to advise you on which one will work best, while still conforming to your state laws regarding how much you can legally tint your windows.

To learn more, contact a company like MidAmerica Tint with any questions or concerns you have.


17 April 2015

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