A Few Tips Regarding BMW Brakes And Their Repair


The brakes on your vehicle may be its most important safety feature. It is up to you to drive in a manner that does not destroy your brakes faster than normal. Regardless of your driving techniques, you still need to inspect the braking system and parts regularly to keep your family safe. Here are a few tips to making sure your brakes do not fail you when you need them most.


To save on weight, the rotors on BMWs are thinner than the ones on many domestic vehicles. This means that they have more of a tendency to warp from heat. If you notice a rhythmic sound while stopping, or the brake pedal pulsates when you apply pressure, chances are the brake rotors have warped. Visit a garage that specializes in BMW brake repair as soon as possible to have them replaced. Due to the thinness of the metal, any imperfection in a rotor means it needs to be replaced, you cannot simply have them turned to change the contact area.


When the brake pads are new and in good condition, you may hear a soft swishing sound as you stop. If the sound turns to a squeal or squeak it could mean your pads need replacing. If your car has brake pad sensors, take advantage of their warning. While you may not need to have the pads replaced for a few hundred miles, waiting until they start to squeak is not a good idea. Always have the sensors replaced when you get new pads.

Braking System

In addition to inspecting the rotors and pads, don't forget to check the system that operates them. If the brake pedal needs to be pressed with more pressure to get the vehicle to stop, it could be a problem with the hydraulics. Check the fluid level and fill or replace it if needed. It is also a good idea to have the fluid replaced when you have new pads put on. Have the hydraulic system bled with each pad replacement and every time that you change or add fluid. While you may be able to do the bleeding yourself if you notice a problem with the  hydraulics, if you have an ABS system, a professional should do it to make sure it is completely free of air.

You do not want to take any chances of having your brakes fail. Inspect your brakes regularly, clean them each time you clean the car and have them replaced at the first sign of trouble. The cost of having the brakes redone is well worth keeping your family safe. For more information, contact a professional like those at Autowerkes.


21 May 2015

maintaining the brakes on your car

When is the last time you had your brakes checked? Are you waiting until you hear the brake pads grinding into the rotors before you do anything to replace them? Does your car pull to one side when you press on the brakes? Do you feel a shimmying in your steering wheel and brake pedal as you press the pedal to stop? If you have any of these issues, it is time for you to learn how to care for the brakes on your car effectively. Taking preventative measures and getting repair work done before serious problems arise will save you money over the years.