Common Sense Tire Advice To Share With Your Teen Driver


If your teenager has their driving permit, or has just gotten their driver's license, it is important that you teach them not just how to drive, but how to take care of the vehicle they are driving. Often, these two things go hand and hand. Here are a few things your teen driver needs to know about tire care.

Explain How To Keep Their Tires Properly Inflated

The first thing your teen driver should learn about tire care is how to keep the tires properly inflated. Take a few minutes and show them where this information can be found on their vehicle, and let your teen driver know that you can find tire pressure information in most vehicles posted inside the driver's door or inside the driver's manual.

Show your teenage driver how to operate a tire pressure gauge and how to properly fill the tires on their vehicle.

In order to really bring home the importance of properly inflated tires, explain to your teen driver how under inflated tires can blow out and potentially cause an accident. Less seriously, under inflated tires can also reduce the fuel efficiency of the vehicle they are driving. Make sure you also mention that overfilling their tires will cause them to wear unevenly and can cause damage to their vehicle's steering system.

Stress The Importance Of Safe Driving

Explain to your teenager that if they want the tires on their vehicle to last a long time, they need to drive safely in order to reduce the wear and tear on them. Here are a few safe driving tips to share with your teenager that will also extend the life of their tires.

  1. Slowly start and stop slowly
  2. Don't peel out
  3. Drive the recommended speed
  4. Avoid curbs
  5. Avoid potholes
  6. Slow down when driving on rough roads (like dirt or gravel roads)

The first three tips listed above help prevent excessive wear. If your teen driver questions how driving the speed limit can help their tires, explain that as you drive faster, the tires on your vehicle get hotter and this causes them to wear out quicker.

The last three tips are important in order to prevent damage to your vehicle, as well as to prevent damage to your entire steering system. Extreme damage to a steering system would require immediate auto repair services in order for the vehicle to be operable. 

Before your teen driver gets any more miles under their belt, make sure they understand how important properly inflated tires are for their safety and for the well-being of their vehicle. You should also make sure that they understand that safe driving habits, such as driving the speed limit, don't only keep them safe on the road,  but also keep their vehicle in tip-top shape.


17 June 2015

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