How To Patch Fiberglass Bumpers


Dings and scratches on your bumper are unavoidable, even if you are a safe driver. Most cars have fiberglass bumpers. Fiberglass is flexible so scratches are not as hard to fix as they are on metal. F

iberglass patch is common and easy to work with. It might take a little bit of practice, but you can definitely learn how to patch dings in your fiberglass bumper. This article explains how to do basic patch and paint jobs on fiberglass bumpers.

Get the Right Repair Kit

Since so many things are made with fiberglass, you can find basic repair kits at most home improvement stores and auto parts stores. Make sure you buy a kit that has everything you need. First, it will definitely have fiberglass resin and a separate hardening liquid. The kit should also have a mixing tray, small plastic spreader, mixing stick and fiberglass cloth. Some kits do not include all of these extras, so you have to buy them separately. It is much more convenient to buy an all inclusive kit.

Patching the Ding

First, you need to prepare the area around the ding you are patching. If the paint is rough or scratched around the ding, you need to smooth it. You can easily smooth out these rough spots with a rubber sanding block. Sand lightly so you don't remove too much paint. Then, cut the cloth to size. The cloth should be several inches bigger (on all sides) than the ding.

Mixing and Spreading the Resin Mixture

Mixing the resin is simple if you use the provided tray. Make sure you accurately measure the resin and hardener. Practice mixing and spreading the resin on a scrap piece of wood or cardboard. You want to figure out how long it takes for the mixture to dry before it becomes too thick to spread. When you are ready, stretch the cloth over the ding and use the spreader cover it. You want to put on the resin thick so the texture of the fabric is completely covered.

You want to use the spread to make the patch as smooth and flat as possible. However, you will not be able to make it perfect until you sand it. Wait for the fiberglass to dry completely before you do any sanding.

This simple car repair is fairly simple. Patching with fiberglass kits is the easiest way to restore the strength and shape of your bumper. For assistance, talk to a mechanic like Gordie's.


22 October 2015

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