6 Types Of Truck Bodies To Consider


If you're getting your next truck or your first truck, you might be overwhelmed by the options out there. After all, there seem to be more choices than ever before. This is also a good thing, because by taking a look at the different kinds of trucks you can pick one up that suits your specific needs based on its shape and purpose. As a matter of fact, here are 6 popular ones:


Flatbed trucks have a chassis that gets fitted with a platform-style body. Then, your goods go on the platform (bed) and you secure them with strong ropes. Because flatbeds are so plain, they are also incredibly versatile.


These trucks are designed to carry loads of material such as coal, sand, or soil. By featuring a walled body with an open top, this truck lets you simply use the built-in hydraulics to tip the bed backwards and dump the contents where you need to.


These have a curtain that is flexible and goes around the two sides of the frame. It has a fixed roof as well, which comes in handy to protect wood pallets from the weather. However, the security isn't great, as the body is easily accessible. This is the trade you make for enjoying greater ease of loading and unloading the materials.

Temperature-controlled bodies

If you are transporting materials that are sensitive to temperature, then look no further than this style. These trucks have boxed bodies and are insulated. A refrigeration unit inside maintains a steady temperature to ensure your frozen or chilled goods stay in great condition.

Luton peak bodies

This is essentially a box van. It also has another part that goes over the cab section and houses any additional tools or cargo you may have. This may be your best bet for moving furniture.

Road tankers

These are a pretty unique type of truck. Road tankers have a tank attached to the chassis permanently. The tank can be used to transport high-value or hazardous materials like explosive powder, gas, and oil. If you work with waste management, grease removal, or similar jobs, you might want to seriously consider a road tanker.

A truck is a truck is a truck right? Well, not really. Thankfully, modern technology provides a plethora of truck options for any capacity of work or play. Consider the main characteristics you need in your truck, and you should have no problem narrowing down the list of these popular truck styles. To see these and other truck types in person, visit an auto center like Metropolitan Truck Center Inc.


11 November 2015

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