The Abcs Of Diagnosing Auto AC Problems By The Odors It Radiates


Even though air conditioning in a vehicle was initially only a luxury that was offered in cars like limousines and high-end vehicles in 1933, it inevitably became one of the most desirable features to have. These days, a car without air is not even considered valuable by a lot of drivers. And there is no doubt about it, slipping into your car when the temperatures outside are soaring and flipping a switch for cool, crisp air is important.

Unfortunately, before an auto AC goes bad, the air that you experience radiating from your vents could be anything  but crisp and refreshing. In fact, it could stink--literally. There is a simple ABC guideline you can follow to track down the cause of a faulty, stinky car air conditioner.

Always pay close attention to smells of burning rubber.

The smell of something burning coming from the air vents in your car is never a welcomed fragrance, but in a lot of cases, car owners will relate the odor to something other than the air unit itself. The burning rubber or plastic odor that you smell usually means that you have important wiring resting on the motor of the car's air unit, which will cause melting and radiate a precise odor. If this is something you notice, even faintly, make sure you stop in at an auto AC service to find out what is going on.

Be on the lookout for mildew odors.

As long as you did not mistakenly leave the windows down in your vehicle in the rain, mildew odors inside of your car could be coming from the car's AC. Unfortunately, the smell of mildew usually means that moisture is getting into the lines of the unit and allowed to sit stagnant, forming mildew and mold, and this is never a good sign. Water inside of your air conditioning lines in your car usually means that the lines themselves are in bad shape and will have to be replaced.

Carefully assess unusual odors similar to hairspray.

Even though the refrigerant that is used in car air conditioning systems is supposed to be odorless, it is not uncommon for some people to report that they have an unusual chemical odor coming from their air vents when they have a refrigerant leak. You may notice a faint smell that is similar to hairspray or aerosol product. Any time your nose spots something unusual like this, it is best to have your car's AC checked by an auto AC service for leaks.


12 December 2015

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