3 Important Ways To Maintain Your Brakes


Your brakes will eventually need service, there's no denying that. Like every auto part, they will eventually suffer wear and tear such that they will need to be replaced. However, there are numerous things that you can do to prolong this process. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn a few great ways to properly maintain your brakes.

Brake Fluid

It's important to replace your brake fluid on a consistent basis. If you plan on replacing brake fluid yourself, make sure that you keep a careful count of the last time it was replaced. Brake fluid should generally be replaced once every two years. In order to ensure the most high quality performance from your brakes and also to make sure that they are receiving a high quality lubricant, purchase a high quality brake fluid. Drain the fluid from the master cylinder reservoir, and, if at all possible, clean the entirety of it with a lint-free cloth. Pour the new fluid into the cylinder; there should be a marked point on the inside of the cylinder marking the stopping point.

Disc Brakes

Approximately once every 1,000 miles, you should look over your disc brakes. Some common symptoms of bad disc brakes are your car pulling to one side while driving or if you notice a persistent and annoying squealing sound coming from under your car. If you notice either of these issues before the 1,000 mile mark, give your disc brakes a good once over, or have a professional do the same. Some of the common problems that can plague your disc brakes include uneven wear, scoring, and the one unequivocal sign that your disc brakes need to be replaced: rust.

Brake Calliper and Brake Pads

A brake calliper is attached the disc brakes, and can be examined while you are giving them a once over. Make sure the calliper is cool to the touch before grabbing them, and give them a good shake. If the calliper slides, or worse yet, completely falls off, you will need to make sure to sufficiently re-tighten it. The brake pads are generally located behind the calliper and disc brakes. If you notice metal showing through the pads, then this is a sign of serious wear and they will need to be replaced at once.

Maintaining your brakes is one of the easier tasks to perform on your car. Visit a shop like Alignment Center, or another location, for more help and information.


17 February 2016

maintaining the brakes on your car

When is the last time you had your brakes checked? Are you waiting until you hear the brake pads grinding into the rotors before you do anything to replace them? Does your car pull to one side when you press on the brakes? Do you feel a shimmying in your steering wheel and brake pedal as you press the pedal to stop? If you have any of these issues, it is time for you to learn how to care for the brakes on your car effectively. Taking preventative measures and getting repair work done before serious problems arise will save you money over the years.