Got Auto Air-Conditioning Problems? Check Out These Common Issues and Their Solutions


Even though having air conditioning in your vehicle may not be a necessity, when you climb into your hot car in the middle of summer and enjoy a blast of cool air with the push of a button, air conditioning is definitely an appreciated luxury. When your automobile's air is on the fritz, it can be frustrating to say the least. Thankfully, troubleshooting problems with your car's air conditioner is usually a fairly simple task. Here are a few of the most common problems you may run into with your vehicle's air-conditioning system and the causes and solutions you will be thankful to know. 

Problem: Your air conditioner is not blowing as cold of air as it once did.

Cause and Solution: Just like your home's air conditioner, your car's air conditioner uses compressed coolant to create cold air. If the air in your vehicle is no longer as cold as it should be, this is a good indication that coolant levels are low. This is a common issue with older vehicles because small leaks can allow the coolant to escape. You can buy refrigerant refill kits at just about any auto-parts retailer, and they are fairly simple to use. However, it is best to have your car's air-conditioning system checked for leaks by a repair professional. 

Problem: You turn the air on and feel cool air around your vents, but the air is not being blown out.

Cause and Solution: The air-conditioning system that you have in your car has a fan motor that pushes the cold air from the system out into your car. If this fan fails, you may feel a slight coolness when you place your hand over your vents, but the air will never actually make its way into the inside of the car. This type of problem will mean that your air-conditioning fan will likely have to be replaced, a task that is usually best left up to an auto air-conditioning service, such as Jason's Auto Repair

Problem: The air coming from the vents has a mildewy odor.

Cause and Solution: You may enjoy cold air in your car, but if it has an odd odor, you may just prefer to leave the windows down—especially if the air smells like mildew. Air that smells like mildew points to one big problem: improperly draining condensation. If the condensation in your air-conditioning system is not draining as it should, it can get stuck within the system and start to develop mildew. Take your vehicle to an air-conditioning repair shop and have them find the problem and replace necessary components.


11 August 2016

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