4 Signs It's Time To Visit Your Local Muffler Shop


The exhaust system of your vehicle helps to keep your vehicle quiet, but it is also essential for preventing emissions of harmful fumes from affecting the passenger cabin, engine, and the outside environment. A problem with the exhaust can cause your engine to work harder than necessary, reduce fuel usage and put you and the environment at risk of inhaling toxic fumes. Here are a few signs that it's time to visit a muffler shop.

Noisy Engine

One of the first signs of an exhaust problem is an increase in engine noise. The exhaust system is designed to help keep engine noise down, so if there is a leak in the system, it will cause loud rumbling sounds. There are a few different places where a leak can occur, such as in the joints along the exhaust system or a faulty manifold gasket. If the problem is the manifold gasket, you will generally hear a tapping or hissing sound that is especially noticeable during a cold start.

Gas Smell

Smelling gasoline inside of your vehicle while you are driving is also a common sign of an exhaust problem. This is often due to damaged exhaust pipes or tubes, causing the gas to leak. When there is a gas leak, the fumes from the fuel escape through any available area, which is often into the cabin of your vehicle.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

When there is a problem with the exhaust system, your vehicle's engine has to work harder than necessary, causing it to use more fuel. An exhaust leak can cause the engine to have to operate at a hotter temperature and reduce your fuel efficiency. So if you are spending more time and money at the gas pumps than normal, visiting a muffler shop to have the exhaust system repaired will generally help you save money in the long run.

Decrease in Power and Acceleration

Problems with the exhaust system will eventually affect the performance of the engine. The most common sign of the engine being affected by an exhaust problem is not being able to accelerate as quick as you typically can, and you won't have the same power when you are accelerating. If the problem isn't addressed, it will continue to get worse and may end up causing significant damage to the engine.

It is important to keep in mind that an effective exhaust system isn't generally seen or heard. Unfortunately, when there isn't a problem, most people don't even think about their exhaust system, which means there is an opportunity for small, inexpensive problems to worsen into larger, more expensive problems. Take your car to a shop like Teloloapan  Muffler &  Brakes II Inc for inspection and repairs.


17 August 2018

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