4 Ways To Protect Your Ride This Winter


The cold weather, rain, and snow can be tough on your vehicle. Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do to take good care of your vehicle and ensure that you are able to safely drive your vehicle

#1 Check Your Tires

During the winter, when it is often slippery and wet outside, it is important to have good tread on your tires. You can change out your current tires for winter tires, which have a special grip that is made to keep you stuck to the road no matter how treacherous the conditions become.

Even if you don't want to switch to winter tires, make sure you still have tread left on your tires. You don't want to drive on a tire with a flat surface; when the grip wears away, your tires are considered "bald" which means they will not provide you with the grip you need on the road. You should also check your tire's pressure. Your tire pressure changes as the temperature outside changes. Get your tire pressure checked to make sure you are within the right range. Having the right tire pressure helps provide you with the grip you need.

#2 Check Your Battery

Next, check your battery. Go to your local dealership and have them run a volt test on your battery. Over time, your battery loses its ability to hold a charge. With the volt test, they will be able to tell you how much of a charge your battery is still holding.

If your battery is holding a low number of volts, it is best to change your battery before your stuck in some random parking lot with a vehicle that will not start up. Winter is taxing on your battery. It takes more energy for your battery to start up and work in the cold winter weather, which is why you want a battery that is still holding a good charge under your hood in the winter time.

#3 Change Your Washer Fluid

You don't want your washer fluid freezing up in your washer fluid lines. That is why you need to change your washer fluid to a kind that is made for the winter. Look for a washer fluid that is not designed to freeze and is designed to work when it is really cold outside.

Most gas station convenience stores, as well as regular grocery stores, sell washer fluid that you can purchase for the winter time. The right washer fluid will help clean your windshield without freezing it up. Get your car ready for winter by checking up on your tires and battery and switching to washer fluid that is designed for freezing temperatures.

For more information and assistance, schedule an appointment at your local tune-up service.


10 December 2018

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