Simple Ways To Keep Your Transmission Going Strong


Your transmission is one of the more expensive parts of your vehicle to replace if it breaks down, which is why you should strive to take good care of it at all times. Taking care of this complex piece of your car is very simple.

#1 Check Your Transmission Fluid

Check your transmission fluid once a month. Find the transmission fluid cap, and check the levels inside of your transmission fluid. Make sure your transmission fluid is at or above the necessary levels. If the level is low, that may mean that your transmission fluid is leaking.

You should also check how the transmission fluid looks and smells. Transmission fluid have a sweet smell to it; if it smells like it is burning, you have an issue. The color should also be clear and light; if the color is dark, you have an issue with your transmission. You should check your transmission fluid levels every month.

#2 Flush Your Transmission Fluid

Think of flushing your transmission fluid like changing your oil. When you flush the transmission fluid, all the fluid is drained out of your vehicle. Then, some new fluid is flushed through the system to get rid of any impurities in your transmission system before new transmission fluid is added.

You don't need to do this as regularly as you change your oil. Once a year is generally fine, although your owner's manual should let you know exactly how often you should flush your transmission fluid.

#3 Change the Transmission Filter

Your transmission has a filter. The transmission filter helps keep impurities out of your transmission. This filter needs to be changed, generally when you flush the transmission fluid. Changing the filter when you flush the transmission fluid will help keep the new liquid inside of your transmission. 

A new filter with every transmission fluid change will help keep your transmission functioning properly. Paying for a filter is a small investment to protect your transmission.

#4 Get A Transmission Check Once a Year

Get your transmission inspected on a yearly basis. A mechanic can check your transmission and figure out if there are any areas where the fluid is leaking out of your transmission or if any sealants or gaskets need to be replaced. A regular yearly check-up will help make sure that any issues with your transmission are addressed while the issues are still small.

Taking care of your transmission is about treating your car with respect. Check the transmission fluid levels monthly. Once a year, get your transmission fluid checked, the filter changed out and the transmission fluid flushed. For more information, contact a transmission repair service.


16 March 2019

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