Telecommuting From Your RV This Winter? Service Tips To Keep You Safely On The Road


With the winter forecast already looking bleak and cold across many of the northern states, those who have the freedom to telecommute from their recreational vehicle are probably preparing to go south. But the sudden change from cold to warm, coupled with any snow or ice you may have to travel through, can create problems for your RV.

Taking the time to have your RV serviced before you leave can help to ensure that you are able to continue traveling safely and successfully southbound, instead of risking becoming stranded along the way. 

Pay special attention to the tires 

If your recreational vehicle has been parked for a while in a cold climate, the tires may have lost some pressure and need to be re-inflated before you begin your trip. Driving on under-inflated tires, especially if the vehicle is a heavy one, like an RV, can place tires at increased risk for abnormal wear, flats, and blowouts when traveling. 

It is important, however, to continue to monitor the pressure as you drive south, to ensure that the hotter air and asphalt temperatures do not cause an over-inflation issue to develop.

Wheel bearing and brake maintenance and repair

Another service issue that should be attended to before you begin your southward trip is to have the wheel bearings and brakes checked and repaired, if necessary. If the components are in good condition, having fresh brake fluid and repacking the wheel bearings with fresh grease can help to avoid problems that could cause costly or dangerous repair issues to develop during the trip.

Belts and hoses 

The sudden changes in temperature can be stressful for belts and hoses, especially those that are subjected to high temperatures. Serpentine belts and radiator hoses that have developed stress cracks or other areas of damage will be much more likely to fail. 

Overheating and severe engine damage can result from a failed radiator hose that allows the coolant to be lost, as well as from a failed serpentine belt that can no longer power the water pump and circulate the coolant. Having both these components checked, and replaced if necessary, will be far less costly and time-consuming than dealing with the damage should they fail while you drive south.

Air conditioning services

Since you are planning to head south to escape winter, you will also want to have your recreational vehicle's air conditioning system serviced to ensure that your trip is cool and comfortable. 

To learn more about the services you should have done before beginning a southward trip — or a trip in any direction — take time to discuss your plans and concerns with an RV services center in your area. 


5 December 2019

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