4 Reasons Driving A Truck With Worn Tires Is A Bad Idea


Having a reliable truck opens up an array of opportunities. However, there is more to owning a truck than getting from one point to another. In fact, regular truck maintenance, such as replacing worn tires, can help keep you on the road long and safe. Driving your truck with unreliable tires invites expensive truck repairs and life-ending accidents. Here are four dangers of delaying getting new truck tires.

1. Longer Stopping Distance

When tires are worn, they have less tread and cannot grip the road effectively. This means your truck will take longer to slow down or stop. And in some cases, you could get into accidents if your truck cannot stop in time to avoid a collision. Therefore, you need to have your truck tires replaced without delay. With new truck tires, you get unmatched road grip and can stop your truck right when you want it.

2. Risk of Hydro Planning

Ever heard of hydroplaning? It occurs when your truck's tires lose contact with the road surface due to water on the road. Worn-out truck tires are more likely to hydroplane because they do not have as much tread. That is the part of the tire that is supposed to grip the road and siphon the water away. So if you use worn-out truck tires, you might lose control of your truck. And you could hit a post or get into a head-on collision. However, you can buy new truck tires to ensure you are safe every time you drive in the rain.

3. Poor Handling 

No matter your driving skills, if your tires are damaged, you will struggle to control the truck. Worn truck tires minimize the contact patch on the road, making braking and steering hard. This is even more dangerous if the tires have already lost their shape. For example, if you need to make a sharp turn, your truck may not respond as well as it should, which could cause you to run off-road or side-swipe another vehicle. Check your truck tire tread depth. If they are dangerously shallow, replace them right away.

4 Tire Punctures

Worn truck tires mean less protection against sharp objects on the road, such as nails, glass, or metals. With a punctured tire, your truck control is never the same, and you could get into an accident at a moment's notice. New truck tires have thick layers that offer maximum protection against sharp road debris for safe driving.

So can you hit the road with worn truck tires? Technically, yes, but you should not, especially if they are unevenly or excessively worn. So if it has been a long time since you changed your tires, then it is time to reach out to a reliable auto shop for new truck tires.

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12 September 2022

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