How To Get The Best Result When Tinting Your Car's Glass


Auto glass window tinting offers many benefits, and cars that do not have factory tint on the glass can have tint applied by the vehicle owner or auto glass tinting professionals. Installing window tint comes with some options you need to consider before you or a shop install any tint material on the car.  

Define Your Needs

The purpose of tinting the glass on your vehicle can play a significant role in the type or amount of window tint applied to the car. Auto glass tinting professionals understand the materials available and how they can benefit your vehicle.

If your goal is to make the windows dark, there are inexpensive tint films that can do that. However, there are limits in some states that define how dark the glass can be. If you live in an area with tint limitations, you need to check the rules before applying the tint film. 

Auto glass that is over-tinted could make your car a target, and in many jurisdictions, a citation or ticket can be issued for auto glass that is too dark. Working with auto glass tinting professionals to select a legal tint product and apply it on the car is an excellent way to ensure you are staying within the law and still getting a nice tint on your glass. 

UV Reduction

Ultraviolet (UV) light is the spectrum responsible for sunburns and damage to things like the paint and the interior fabrics of your car or truck. Using a tint product that blocks that light from entering your vehicle can reduce the temperature inside the passenger compartment, protect occupants, and help reduce damage when the car is parked in the sun. 

Auto glass tinting professionals can suggest tint materials rated for UV light reduction and install them on the glass when you are ready. UV protection films are often not very dark, but the material still keeps that harmful light out while reducing the temperature inside the car. Some UV protectant tint materials go so far as to use micro-ceramic chips in the tint material to reflect the light off the glass, and while effective, these tint films are harder to install and more expensive to purchase. 

If you are considering UV light reduction for your vehicle, consult the local auto glass tinting professionals about what tint material is best for your needs and what they recommend in your area. A shop that has been working in the local area for many years will often have the best information about what works and how to get the most protection from your window tinting material.

Contact a local tinting service, such as Tint Crew, to learn more. 


21 December 2022

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