What To Look For When Choosing A Glass Service To Repair The Windows In Your Vehicle


The windows in your car or truck are made from tempered safety glass, and when a rock or other object hits them, they will often break into tiny pieces. Auto safety glass replacement services can get new windows for you and install them in your car or truck and get you back on the road. 

The Right Glass

When you need to replace a window in your car or truck, using the correct glass is vital to safety and security. The side window glass is different from the glass used in the windshield and will break when something hits it. However, how the glass breaks are crucial because it affects the safety of any passengers in the car when the damage occurs. 

Auto safety glass replacement is not uncommon, and most windshield replacement services can also replace the side and rear glass in most vehicles. The process is a little involved, but a glass technician with some experience can do the job quickly, and when they finish, you should not be able to tell that the glass was damaged. 

The glass shop may need to order glass for older vehicles, but waiting for the correct window glass is essential when making repairs. If you use substandard glass or something other than safety glass in the window opening, you could create a dangerous situation for anyone riding in the vehicle. 

Glass Installation

When the auto safety glass replacement services have the right glass for your car, they can bring it to you and install it, or you can take your vehicle to the shop and have the work done there. The technician working on the glass replacement will typically need to pull the trim panels off the inside of the vehicle to get to the mounts inside the door or sidewall for moving glass.

If the glass is stationary, the process is less involved, but if broken glass fell inside the panel when the original window shattered, they should still remove the trim panel and clean out the glass. The moving window glass will have a track and mount inside the panel, and any remnants of the old glass will need to be removed from the track to allow the new glass to be installed.

The entire process can take a couple of hours on some cars, but when it is done correctly, the glass will seal tightly, keeping water, noise, and wind out of the passenger compartment to ensure the car is safe to ride in. Auto safety glass replacement may be covered under your insurance policy, so check with them to determine your deductible and if they can work with the glass replacement service directly to cover the repairs.


16 February 2023

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