3 Important Ways To Maintain Your Brakes


Your brakes will eventually need service, there's no denying that. Like every auto part, they will eventually suffer wear and tear such that they will need to be replaced. However, there are numerous things that you can do to prolong this process. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn a few great ways to properly maintain your brakes. Brake Fluid It's important to replace your brake fluid on a consistent basis.

17 February 2016

Don't Drive In The Dark By Fixing Your Own Car Light Problems


Not only is driving with one taillight or brake light unsafe, you risk getting pulled over and ticketed. You can easily troubleshoot and repair most auto lighting problems yourself. Here are some simple steps to keep you from driving unsafe in the dark. Fuses and Bulbs Most lighting problems are due to a bad fuse or burned-out bulb, both of which you can easily replace. Start with these basic rules and you'll troubleshoot most of the common problems with the lights in your car:

10 February 2016

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Ensure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated


Your vehicle's tires spin countless times whenever you take a ride to work, the grocery store or any other destination, but you might rarely think of these four pieces of rubber. It's time to change that. A key maintenance job that any driver can perform is to ensure that his or her tires are properly inflated. When your tires have enough air, you'll be able to control your vehicle properly and you'll also maximize your gas mileage; when they're low on air, the opposite is true.

4 February 2016

Owning A Classic Car: Should You Or Shouldn't You?


So you've always been a fan of the classic muscle car -- with its sleek, power-packed engine housed in a body that's still too cool for school. The only difference between the way you feel now when you walk up to a lean, mean Ford or Chevy and the way you felt back in high school is that today you can actually afford to make that life long dream come true.

6 January 2016

The Abcs Of Diagnosing Auto AC Problems By The Odors It Radiates


Even though air conditioning in a vehicle was initially only a luxury that was offered in cars like limousines and high-end vehicles in 1933, it inevitably became one of the most desirable features to have. These days, a car without air is not even considered valuable by a lot of drivers. And there is no doubt about it, slipping into your car when the temperatures outside are soaring and flipping a switch for cool, crisp air is important.

12 December 2015

6 Types Of Truck Bodies To Consider


If you're getting your next truck or your first truck, you might be overwhelmed by the options out there. After all, there seem to be more choices than ever before. This is also a good thing, because by taking a look at the different kinds of trucks you can pick one up that suits your specific needs based on its shape and purpose. As a matter of fact, here are 6 popular ones:

11 November 2015

Understanding Your Truck's Transmission: What You Should Know


When you purchase your first pickup truck, you are excited and possibly a little nervous. After all, owning a pickup means that you will need to maintain your pickup and know what to look out for if there is a problem. Your truck's transmission is one of the most important components. As such, you should get to know more about your truck's transmission as well as the signs that there is a problem.

5 November 2015

How To Patch Fiberglass Bumpers


Dings and scratches on your bumper are unavoidable, even if you are a safe driver. Most cars have fiberglass bumpers. Fiberglass is flexible so scratches are not as hard to fix as they are on metal. F iberglass patch is common and easy to work with. It might take a little bit of practice, but you can definitely learn how to patch dings in your fiberglass bumper. This article explains how to do basic patch and paint jobs on fiberglass bumpers.

22 October 2015

Braking Bad: 2 Signs It's Time For Some Brake Work


Brakes are far and away the most important safety component of your car. Unfortunately, many avoidable accidents are caused by people who don't know how to recognize the signs that their automobile brakes are wearing out. If you would like to increase your knowledge of car safety, read on. This article will introduce two signs that it's time to invest in new brakes. The brake pedal goes into convulsions each time you press it down.

6 October 2015

Solving Issues with a Push-Button Four-Wheel-Drive System


Over the years, the four-wheel-drive system has evolved to make it as user friendly as possible, and many of the newest vehicle models have four-wheel-drive power at the push of a button. Even though this feature may be convenient, the push-button four-wheel-drive does not come without its flaws, and occasionally, you will come across some curious issues that may leave you scratching your head and calling on an auto repair shop for help.

24 September 2015