What Are The Signs Of A Struggling Automatic Transmission?


Keeping up with your automatic transmission maintenance ensures smooth, safe, and efficient car operation, minimizing vehicle repair costs. As a rule of thumb, you should service your automatic transmission system according to the servicing schedule recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. The recommended time or mileage interval for transmission service may vary depending on your specific car make and model. That said, you shouldn't wait until it is time for routine transmission servicing to get a transmission service.

10 August 2022

4 Expert Tips For Maintaining Your Newly Installed Glass Shower Door


After installing a glass shower door, you certainly want it to serve you for a long time. Therefore, you'll need to put effort to keep it in good shape and maintain the new look and touch in your bathroom. So, do you wonder how best to maintain your newly installed glass shower doors? Take a look at the following expert tips to help you get started.  1. Cleaning Regularly The best time to clean your glass door or shower space is immediately after you've used it.

20 July 2022

Essential SUV Routine Maintenance Tips


SUVs offer a variety of benefits other than just being status cars. For starters, the large capacity these vehicles offer not only allows you to carry more passengers than you could in a standard sedan car, but you also have extra room in the trunk for more pieces of luggage. Additionally, the four-wheel-drive nature of SUVs means you can drive your vehicle on any kind of terrain without having to worry about undue damage to your car.

21 June 2022

Why Every Car Needs Mileage Interval Service


As a part of routine auto maintenance, you should get your car serviced at certain manufacturer-specified mileage intervals. Car mileage interval service helps ensure your vehicle runs smoothly while bringing many related benefits. Keep reading to learn why every car needs mileage interval service.  It Minimizes Car Breakdowns Nobody likes it when their car fails on them. Unfortunately, cars consist of many parts that can develop problems and cause breakdowns. 

1 June 2022

Selling Your Junk Car: Stop Making Excuses And Start Making Cash Instead


Are you convinced that you cannot sell your junk car for cash because either you do not have a way to get the vehicle to a junkyard or because you do not know where you put the title for the vehicle? If so, you should know that you are wrong. In fact, many of the most common excuses people use for hanging onto their junk car rather than selling are based on nothing more than myths and outdated information.

28 April 2022

3 Possible Causes For Violent Vehicle Vibrations


Vehicle vibrations aren't something you ever want to experience, but there's certainly a spectrum of shakes and shimmies you might feel in a car. Some problems produce light vibrations that you'd barely notice if you weren't familiar with your vehicle, while others are wildly violent and impossible to miss. The latter situation can be downright terrifying when it strikes at high speeds. If your car's exhibiting some strong vibes, and not in a good way, it's crucial to get it into a shop as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

25 March 2022

Six Things You Shouldn't Assume When Your Windshield Needs To Be Repaired


You need to be well informed as a vehicle owner with a damaged windshield. You don't want to make any inaccurate assumptions that deter you from getting the windshield repair service you need. The following are six things you shouldn't assume when your windshield needs to be repaired.  You can't afford to get your windshield repaired. You might be surprised at how affordable windshield repairs are. You shouldn't assume that you won't be able to afford to have your windshield damage fixed.

28 February 2022

4 Ways You'll Benefit By Performing Preventive Maintenance On Your Vehicle


Not many vehicle owners think of the importance of vehicle maintenance unless their vehicle exhibits signs of trouble. Others overlook maintenance because of the expense involved. However, you stand to gain more from practices like timely oil changes, brake and brake pad maintenance, belt replacement, and others than waiting until damage happens. Here are the four main ways you stand to gain from proper preventive vehicle maintenance processes.  Increased Safety on the Road

18 January 2022

3 Tips For Saving A Damaged Tire


Tires can fail in a surprisingly large number of ways, some more severe than others. While it's never fun to find yourself trapped by a bad tire, not every tire emergency means that a costly replacement is in your future. In many cases, you may be able to repair your tire, saving you plenty of money and helping you to get back on the road more quickly. Unfortunately, it's also easy to make the wrong choices in a tire emergency and cause more damage.

28 December 2021

4 Damage Factors That Impact Your Auto Windshield


Damage to your windshield doesn't automatically mean you need to replace it. Car windshields are made of safety glass, which is designed to be durable and somewhat repairable depending on the situation. Read on to learn more about repair and replacement options. 1. Type of Damage The type of damage can vary. A stone strike, for example, may cause a simple chip in the exterior of the glass or it may lead to a large starburst or spiderweb style crack.

16 November 2021