3 Tips For Saving A Damaged Tire


Tires can fail in a surprisingly large number of ways, some more severe than others. While it's never fun to find yourself trapped by a bad tire, not every tire emergency means that a costly replacement is in your future. In many cases, you may be able to repair your tire, saving you plenty of money and helping you to get back on the road more quickly. Unfortunately, it's also easy to make the wrong choices in a tire emergency and cause more damage.

28 December 2021

4 Damage Factors That Impact Your Auto Windshield


Damage to your windshield doesn't automatically mean you need to replace it. Car windshields are made of safety glass, which is designed to be durable and somewhat repairable depending on the situation. Read on to learn more about repair and replacement options. 1. Type of Damage The type of damage can vary. A stone strike, for example, may cause a simple chip in the exterior of the glass or it may lead to a large starburst or spiderweb style crack.

16 November 2021

4 Common Reasons Why Cars Overheat


An overheating engine is one of the biggest problems that your car might have. When you allow the engine to overheat, the components will start warping and cracking. With time, the damage might become irreparable, and you might have to replace the entire unit. It is advisable to always look out for signs of engine trouble and visit the auto repair for immediate repairs. Here are four of the most common reasons why your car's engine might overheat.

25 October 2021

Knowing When To Replace The Brakes In Your Vehicle


The brakes on your vehicle have a big job to do, but over time, the parts in the system wear out, and the performance of the brakes will start to fade. Servicing the brakes before they become less effective is the best way to avoid problems with them, and taking your vehicle to an auto brake service if you suspect there is an issue with them is essential. Noisy Brakes

23 September 2021

4 Important Fluids To Check On Your Car


When it comes to car care, one of the simplest things to do is to check your fluids on a regular basis. Fluids keep your car running smoothly and will help your car last longer. Extensive damage to your car's engine and other parts could occur if certain fluids are too low or leak out. Here are four important fluids in your car that you should check on a regular basis.

23 August 2021

Four Tips for Minimizing the Cost of RV Body Repairs


RVs provide a versatile mode of transport that allows you to travel for long distances in a mobile home. However, like any other mode of transportation, RVs are not immune to body damage when you bump in things. Unfortunately, RV body repair can be a big investment depending on the extent of the damage. Nonetheless, there are various ways you can minimize the amount of money you spend on RV body repairs.

15 July 2021

Why A Brake Inspection Is A Necessary Part Of Being A Car Owner


As we all know, cars are vital to daily life. Between industry use to recreational use, millions upon millions of people use them every day across the country. With so many people out on the road, it is important that all vehicles are maintained well. One of the most important aspects of a safe car is the brakes. There is no worse feeling than being out on the road and pushing the brake pedal down only to find there is no response from the car.

15 June 2021