Lowering And Monitoring Vehicle Emissions


Even with all the talk about greenhouse gas emissions, you may not worry about how your vehicle is contributing to the world's pollution problem. In some states, mandatory vehicle inspections will force you to be concerned. In order to lower your carbon footprint and stay within the law, you need to monitor your vehicle's emissions.  Researching Vehicles If you are in the market for a new car, van, or truck, take a look at the EPA's Green Vehicle Guide.

11 August 2015

2 Reasons To Consider An Office Trailer


An office trailer is a fantastic resource for any company, mostly because it can be beneficial in a large number of situations and industries. You should consider investing in an office trailer because it makes for a relatively inexpensive office for a remote work site and can be easily moved. Remote Work Site One of the biggest reasons to consider utilizing an office trailer is because it is going to be very useful if you need to work from a remote work site.

4 August 2015

Should I Have a Transmission Fluid Change or Transmission Flush for My Vehicle?


Proper transmission maintenance is vitally important when it comes to avoiding costly and cumbersome repairs on your vehicle. Two of the most common maintenance procedures are the transmission flush and the transmission fluid change.  While both of these procedures clean the transmission fluid, a transmission flush offers a more complete clean. Yet a fluid change will probably get the job done in a newer vehicle with lower mileage that is not exhibiting any transmission issues.

13 July 2015

4 Summer Car Maintenance Tips


In the hot days of summer, the last thing that you want to deal with is your car breaking down on the side of the road. The heat can put a lot of stress on a vehicle, which can lead to expensive auto repairs if a vehicle isn't taken care of. One of the easiest ways to prevent car problems during the summer is through good maintenance. Use the following tips to help ensure that your operates properly during the hottest months of the year: 

6 July 2015

How To Make A Homemade Anti-Fog Windshield Spray


When your car's windshield becomes too cloudy to see out of and the outside wipers do nothing to help the situation, the problem is coming from within the vehicle.  There are several things to blame for windshield fogging, such as heat, since when it's warm inside the car water has a better chance of becoming a gas rather than liquid.  Also, when it's humid inside the vehicle, either from the outside climate or from several passengers breathing and talking, more water vapor is produced.

23 June 2015

Common Sense Tire Advice To Share With Your Teen Driver


If your teenager has their driving permit, or has just gotten their driver's license, it is important that you teach them not just how to drive, but how to take care of the vehicle they are driving. Often, these two things go hand and hand. Here are a few things your teen driver needs to know about tire care. Explain How To Keep Their Tires Properly Inflated The first thing your teen driver should learn about tire care is how to keep the tires properly inflated.

17 June 2015

A Few Tips Regarding BMW Brakes And Their Repair


The brakes on your vehicle may be its most important safety feature. It is up to you to drive in a manner that does not destroy your brakes faster than normal. Regardless of your driving techniques, you still need to inspect the braking system and parts regularly to keep your family safe. Here are a few tips to making sure your brakes do not fail you when you need them most.

21 May 2015

4 Advantages of Working with a Mobile Mechanic


Having a car is a privilege, but it also involves keeping up with maintenance and repairs on the vehicle. Traditionally, if your vehicle is in need of repairs or maintenance, you have to take your car to an auto repair shop, sit around waiting for services to be completed, and then pay a big bill. The options for auto repair and maintenance are changing, and mobile mechanics are now available in many areas.

19 May 2015

What Are The Signs Of Tranmission Problems?


Transmission repair or replacement is second only to engine work in terms of expense, so the option you choose will depend on multiple factors. Transmission problems will only get worse, and more expensive, if transmission services are not performed, so you should take your car to a transmission shop when the first signs of trouble appear. What are the signs of transmission problems? The most obvious sign of a transmission issue is the hesitation or failure of your auto to change gears as your speed increases or decreases.

12 May 2015

Tire Pressure And Temperature Change--What You Need To Know


When the weather warms up, people's thoughts tend to turn toward the fun and excitement that warm weather brings. For most casual car owners, that means thinking about long, sun-lit drives down a favorite stretch of road. Rarely does the summer driver consider their tires. However, as the seasons change, so too does the air pressure in your tires. Experts suggest that, for every 10 degrees in air temperature decrease, you should expect a 1-2 psi drop in your tire pressure.

21 April 2015